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The film director Thomas Buschbeck is above all a storyteller, in all his films and at every stage of their making.
For him, every story aspires to a natural equilibrium: a good story is one that has found its balance. And the complex task of achieving that balance results in films that, like nature itself, speak to us all.


Having made his first documentaries at the tender age of fifteen, Buschbeck quickly moved on to explore fiction. He was prolific from the start, producing around two 25-minutes films per year. At 22, he joined the production company Sidéral Film SA, where he worked on institutional and commercial projects. The following year, he bought the company.
In 2003, he entered the École de Cinéma de Genève, from which he graduated with degrees in Film Direction and Photojournalism. He then began writing several short and feature-length fiction projects, while continuing to pursue his work at Sidéral Film production company. In 2013, he settled in Montreal, Canada, and two years later moved to Toronto.
  1. In my dreams
    In my dreams
    Tim, a shy young man often dreams of Mia, a beautiful girl he has fallen for. But Tim’s dreams are strange and always start with a stunning vision of Mia, only to end in a surreal and agonizing silence.
Production compagny

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Jake Gosden
Octavia Kaliszak

Warren Sinnathamby

Executive producer
Raji Nair

Leonid Kogan

Original music
Igor Correia

Rohan Fernando


The passion of Buschbeck is telling stories, regardless of the form the narrative may take. He transports our minds and senses, as our ancestors did with their fireside tales. In his approach to his films, he seeks to produce a strong sensory experience, while the subject itself must provide us with constructive food for thought. His ambition is to make us feel, if only for a moment, that we have transcended our daily life. In all his work, he gets to grips with the very essence of his subject. Buschbeck is a humanist, and the human condition is central to all his films. When filming people, he zeroes in on their personality, hidden traits and aspirations. As a director, this active observer has made “love your subject” his watchword. And, as someone close to nature, he says that a film is like a tree: from a seed, the idea develops and puts out many branches, to become an imposing plant that may or may not bear fruit. But luckily, more often than not, if the seed is of good quality and promotes healthy growth, the tree will be fruitful.
  1. Snow Balafon (Balafon des neiges) - IN POST-PRODUCTION
    Snow Balafon (Balafon des neiges) - IN POST-PRODUCTION
    Isolated in the Swiss mountains, Claude Luisier is building for over 30 years balafons, an African instrument, with the precision and passion of a Swiss watchmaker.
Production company
  1. Emergency exit  (Sortie de secours)
    Emergency exit (Sortie de secours)
    After a first missed suicide attempt, eight young Internet users who are still disgusted by life, decided to meet to end their lives together. But very soon, they will be overtaken by the events and will realize the human impact of killing and being killed.
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Stéphane Rentznik
Guillaume Prin
Rachel Gordy
Yannick Rosset
Lionel Brady
Frank Semelet
Fabrice Hagmann
Ludovic Martin
Jean-Luc Barras

Stefan Buschbeck

Michell Israelian

Original music
Julien Roch
  1. Geneva Craftsmen Award
    Geneva Craftsmen Award
    A serie of short documentaries about the best craftsmen in Geneva.
Production company

Yvon Labarthe et Ana Lowry
Alain Wirth
Daniel Anders
Christophe Urfer
Ivo Zanetti


2017: He is finishing the editing of the feature film ROOBHA, who stars Jesuthasan Antonythasan, lead actor in DHEEPAN, the 2015 Cannes Palme d’Or.

2012: he embarked upon making his first feature-length documentary BALAFON DES NEIGES with the production company Les Productions JMH, twice nominated for an Oscar (Himalaya and Winged Migration).

2007: He managed the video and audio crew for the Geneva Beach tchoukball (sport event), which finales have been broadcasted live on Eurosport 2, a European wide sport TV channel (available in 50 million homes, in 47 countries, and broadcasted in 18 languages).

2006: he did his graduate film EMERGENCY EXIT which was selected in several festivals, broadcast on two television channels, and used as a part of professional training for psychologists, as well as within a suicide prevention program.

2002: he made his first feature-length film "Role-playing Game 2" (48 minutes).

2001: he worked on-call for regional television station Léman bleu TV in Geneva on various television reports and programs. He also volunteered for the local television station Canal 29, for which he created the cultural show entitled "Le Mag".

1996: still in Scouts, he and some friends made his first short fiction film entitled "Double 0". Since then, he would go on to make a new short fiction every two years over the span of a decade.

1993: Thomas Buschbeck made his first film in Scouts. It was a documentary film, shot on Super8 film, on a Scouts camp that he attended in Brittany, France.

  1. Seeking happiness at all cost (Cherche bonheur à tout prix)
    Seeking happiness at all cost (Cherche bonheur à tout prix)
    Miky, a ten years old boy, is depressed although he is surrounded by a happy environment. He then begins a pursuit of happiness, which ultimately leads him try to buy it in various stores...
Production company

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Sara Barberis
Syla de Rawsky
Yves Zagagnoni
Rémy Boileau
Lionel Brady
Robert Olivier
Cédric Dousse
Amélie Maye

Stefan Buschbeck

Hakim Boulouiz

  1. Geneva Beach Tchoukball
    Geneva Beach Tchoukball
    Responsible of the audio and video crew of the main stadium.
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  1. Role-playing game 2 (Jeu de rôle 2)
    Role-playing game 2 (Jeu de rôle 2)
    Five tabletop role-playing gamers decide to spend a peaceful week-end in a cottage. Used to every role-playing games, the players are intrigued by the proposition of one of them to try a new game with an evolutionary nature. Very soon, they will be overtaken by their own imagination, and it’s the game itself which is going to play with them.