This portfolio explores the world of landscape, that is, the outdoor environment, whether urban or natural. The theme of this book is winter and its various manifestations. The portfolio is divided into four sections:

The first part is devoted to the intense cold. The photos in this section were taken on the shores of Lake Ontario and on the frozen Humber River during the cold snap that hit eastern Canada on February 3, 2023. Temperatures in Toronto ranged from -10°C to -20°C (-20°C to -30°C with the wind index). These were the lowest temperatures in Toronto this winter.

Part Two looks at the symbolism of winter, which is the time of year associated with rest and calm, since nature is much less active. The setting for this second part was a cemetery (Prospect cemetery), a symbol of ultimate rest. Through a few photos, we perceive time standing still in a strange serenity.

But winter can also be merciless and ferocious. The third part of this portfolio is dedicated to the violent snowstorm that hit southern Ontario on March 3, 2023. The photos were taken in downtown Toronto, because this is usually snow-free, but against this snowstorm, even the downtown core of Canada’s largest city had to bow to the force of nature.

The fourth part is devoted to the end of winter, when temperatures warm up and the snow slowly melts under the sun’s rays. Since this phenomenon is best observed in nature, I went to Toronto’s islands to get, at the same time, breathtaking views of the Queen City (landscapes), but also photos of nature still covered in snow.

I hope you enjoy immersing yourself in this world of imaginary landscapes in the heart of Toronto’s winter.

Snow taking over Toronto


I have tried to create a portfolio that combines various aspects of my personal life with the theme of selfishness.

I can not deny that this represented a major challenge for me, since I consider myself to be a somehow generous person (as far as possible), and therefore selfishness is not a very present notion in my life. As a result, I created fictional situations and diverted elements from my daily life to serve this theme. I also exploited certain symbols linked to selfishness, such as the navel (navel-gazing) or the mirror that reflects our own image.

Moreover, when framing my photos, I tried as much as possible to center my main subjects, whether a person or an object, to symbolically represent the way of thinking of an egoist, i.e. to think of oneself first, to consider oneself as the « center » of the world, or to consider oneself more important than everyone else.

Finally, at the end of my portfolio, I exploited the fictional character of the vampire, who in my opinion represents a strong figure of selfishness, since for his personal – and selfish – needs in hemoglobin, this character condemns a (young) woman to perish under his deadly fangs. By the way, I would like to extend my warmest thanks to Fatoumata and Olivia for playing along with my photos.

Now, do yourself a favor and devour this portfolio… selfishly!





These photos were taken during the most impressive police deployment I have ever seen in Geneva (Switzerland) to contain the G8 demonstrations held in Evian-les-bains (France). From my point of view, it was a rather ridiculous show of force by the authorities, since there were no demonstrations in town, and the (poor) policemen were in fact pretty useless.


Three portraits with singular light conditions.